About Scale Music Studio

At Scale Music Studio we are passionate about teaching music and sharing our love of the piano. Our goal is to provide you with a unique and enriching learning experience, where you can develop your musical skills and achieve your goals. Join our musical community and discover everything that the piano can offer you!

piano keys
piano keys

Our Principles

At Scale Music Studio, our passion for music drives us to provide the best piano lessons. We are dedicated to transmitting the love and emotion that music can generate in each person.

Educational Excellence

Personalized Approach

Passion For Music

We understand that each student is unique, so we tailor our piano lessons to the individual needs and goals of each student. Our personalized approach guarantees effective and satisfying learning.

At Scale Music Studio we are committed to providing an excellent music education. Our highly trained and experienced teachers guarantee quality teaching and significant musical growth.

Our Methods

At Scale Music Studio we use two methods, modular and free, a unique pedagogical approach that combines music theory, piano technique and performance practice. Our goal is for our students to acquire a solid foundation in the piano and develop exceptional musical skills. Come and discover our innovative method!

Modular Method

Free Method


The free course is recommended for students whose interest in learning is focused on leisure, hobbies or as a creative activity. The student who is not looking for training, but wants to include a musical practice in his/her daily life, aiming at a better quality of life, emotionally, culturally and socially. Working on a repertoire specific to the student's musical taste, reading scores in treble and bass clef or using chords as accompaniment.

The modular course (Classical/Erudite) follows a specific curriculum that is compatible with music conservatories around the world. There are 9 modules in which studies and pieces are worked on where the student is required to have a minimum performance and development so that he can advance to the next module. In this course format, certificates are issued to students after each completed module.